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AST clean water technologies
AST Clean Water Technologies was founded as a project company in 2003 by A.Shitzer ltd, now is one of the leading technology provider  in smart water treatment solutions for water purification , waste water and chemical streams   
AST Clean Water Technologies solutions are based on state - of - the - art tailor made  technologies, combining membrane filtration , High recovery ,  sophisticated control and monitoring , advanced oxidation processes - AOP and unique environmental friendly water and waste water chemical treatment.
AST Clean Water Technologies specializes in development, design, and manufacture of large variety of water and waste treatment, filtration solution and membrane systems capitalizing on its strategic partners:
  • POREX Inc
  • BASF
  • AOP  
AST Clean Water Technologies headquarters is located in Israel and has a presence, in selected continents, with projects in Europe, China, USA, South America, Africa and elsewhere via a professional distribution network. The solution s provided by AST Clean Water Technologies are supported by multinational cooperation of R&D centers based in Israel, Europe and USA.
AST Clean Water Technologies team has more than 12 years of experience in design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of treatment plants enabling us to turn ground water, surface water or wastewater into quality of water you need. We are committed to provide the highest level of quality and service. Among our customers you can find many reputable multinational corporations, national water supply companies, municipalities and government agencies worldwide. 
Clear water is one of the most important nature resources. Expanding population, quick urbanization, growing industry and aging of the water sources create the need for effective treatment solutions to reach high quality potable water.
AST Clean Water Technologies vision was always, developing friendly environment water and waste treatment systems, using low energy consumption technologies with small foot print.
AST Clean Water Technologies was established by this vision of supporting the industries and help to keep the environment clean.
Our philosophy regarding water treatment plants is based on sound engineering practices, superior products and reliability of proven design performance. We approach each project on an individual, customized basis as we understand that every system must be designed specifically for the application in order to comply with specific needs of its customers.
Our staff consists of chemist application engineers, process and hydraulic engineers, high qualified analytic technicians and sales engineers. 
The facilities include advanced chemist laboratory services and hydraulic application piloting services.

R & D

Some of the most advanced processes of water treatment and waste water treatment applications were developed by AST Clean Water Technologies R&D, due to the need and the necessity in Israel.
The main research goals were and are always to save water, to protect water resources, enable recycling and re-using.
Our expertise in Design and Construction of Desalination Plants relies on an ever increasing knowledge of techniques, research and advancement.
 We approach each project on an individual, customized basis as we understand that every system must be designed specifically for the application in order to comply with specific needs of its customers. 

Technologies & Design

AST Clean Water Technologies provides the most advanced water treatment and waste-water treatment technologies, such as:
1.    Advance Oxidation Process Reactors (AOP)
2.    Dissolved Air Floatation (DAF) 
3.    Membrane technologies-Desalination (,Micro,Ultra Filtration Nano -
        Filtration and Reverse Osmosis)
4.    Deep bed multi-media filtration 
5.    Activated carbon adsorption
6.    Sedimentation and settling
7.    Separation using Vibratory membranes 
8.    Disinfection technologies

Quality Assurance

AST Clean Water Technologies products are well known for their quality, reliability and innovation. Quality Assurance (QA) is implemented at all stages of the development, design and production cycle, as specified by International Standard ISO-9001.
The modern R&D laboratory and pilot facilities are especially designed to develop new products and technologies and to improve existing ones. AST Clean Water Technologies has had beneficial experience in collaborating with MEKOROT, Israeli National Water Company.
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